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On this page you’ll find links to the many contributors to ‘Understanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or Training?’ (BPT). BPT is Sue Palmer’s flagship book and DVD, and is the inspiration behind the Ethical Horsemanship Association (EHA). You’ll also find links to our guest bloggers, to professional organisations where you can find qualified practitioners to work with your horse in the UK, and to others whose insights we feel will bring value to you and your horse.

To learn more about the bridge between BPT and EHA, please click below.

The bridge from Brain, Pain, or Training to Ethical Horsemanship Association

Brain, Pain, or Training was developed by Sue Palmer over many years of working in the horse industry. It is a methodology based on all the horses that she has seen and all the lessons that she has learnt. Sue Palmer wrote and developed the book “Understanding Horse Performance Brain, Pain, or Training?” The DVD of the same name was produced by Sue Palmer, Simon Palmer and Lizzie Hopkinson. The book and DVD “Understanding Horse Performance Brain, Pain, or Training” in 2016 to excellent feedback from customers. However something was missing. Learning could be a lonely business, especially if you are on a yard surrounded by other people who are on a different trajectory to you. People who are happy to use force to achieve their required outcome, rather than spending time understanding their horse, and may consequently scorn your approach. The well-documented commonplace bullying that occurs throughout the horse industry, can also cause huge problems, and can have a severe impact on our confidence in our decisions.

Ethical Horsemanship Association (EHA) was founded in order to provide a safe place for collective learning online. Based on the methodology laid out in Brain, Pain, or Training, EHA encourages members to share their experiences with others, in a non-judgemental environment whilst providing an excellent range of articles, news and researched sourced from across the world.

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